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Josef Tomáš: The Return of Agnes of Bohemia

flag-919362_640  Návrat Anežky Přemyslovny

Author: Josef Tomáš, Edition: 2020, Pages: 96, Languages: Czech, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italiananezka-web

The Return of Agnes Przemyslide was written by Josef Tomáš between 1996 and 1999, in Melbourne, Australia, under the influence of one of his visits to Prague, where—as he himself has implied—the sight of the city evoked in him its still-living historical continuity with all the horrors and beauties of its past. The canonization of Agnes Przemyslide, also called Agnes of Bohemia, which had occurred a few years earlier (on 12 November 1989), may have served as an additional impulse towards the book’s creation.

The dual storyline of The Return of Agnes Przemyslide—if it is possible, in this poetic allegory, to talk about a storyline—concerns a man, and a woman who has come from abroad at the man‘s invitation. Together they walk through Prague. They are human beings of the present, but it is as if they were at the same time the Czech king Wenceslaus I and his sister Agnes, meeting each other again after many centuries. As is well known, the relationship between Agnes and Wenceslaus was very warm and Agnes was often a mentor to her brother. The man and the woman are visiting, in Prague, those places that are somehow associated with Agnes, and the woman is constantly trying to find any evidence that she, in the distant past, was indeed Agnes. She is also seeking an answer to the question of why she has returned. Was it really because she had to come back to what she loved more than anything else?


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Alex Skovron: The Man Who Took to his Bed

flag-919362_640  Muž, který ulehl do své posteleMuž, který ulehl do své postele - titulka_1

Author: Alex Skovron, Translation: Josef Tomáš, First edition: 2019, Pages: 176, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-08-7

A man wakes up one morning to find an unknown woman in bed beside him. A failed writer devises an ingenious method of plagiarizing the work of others. Whole properties in a suburban neighbourhood begin vanishing overnight. An ancient grand piano is purchased by a mysterious young customer with an old secret. A spontaneous experiment in the para­normal produces an unexpected result …

This collection of fourteen short stories is Alex Skovron’s second book of fiction, after his novella The Poet (2005). It introduces an eclectic range of protagonists, predicaments, voices, and narrative styles – playful, earnest, speculative, ironic, intimate, bittersweet, surreal. Between them, the characters we meet span childhood and adolescence, adulthood and old age, and their stories highlight the untoward in the everyday, the transformative in the mundane, the twists and turning-points that can challenge us – and the games we play with others, and with ourselves.

 ‘Intricate, dreamy, deeply literate stories that unsettle the senses and stir the intellect.

    —Helen Garner

 ‘By turns beautifully detailed, puzzling and always intriguing, the hauntingly solitary tone of these exquisitely observed stories induces a rare meditative attentiveness in the reader. It is a powerfully affecting collection that left me eager to explore more of Skovron’s world.

    —Alex Miller

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Jiří Orten: Elegies

flag-919362_640  ElegieMuž, který ulehl do své postele - titulka_3

Author: Jiří Orten, Translation: Josef Tomáš and Alex Skovron, First edition: 2019, Pages: 112, Language: Czech and English, ISBN 978-80-88050-09-4

This special bilingual edition of the Elegies of Jiří Orten – the complete Czech text with a new English translation – has been published to coincide with celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of the author’s birth on 30 August 1919. The time of the inception of the nine Elegies is reported by the author himself, who was writing them successively into his diary from February to early March 1941. Half a year later, struck by a German car, Jiří Orten was dead. He was twenty-two years old. As a Jew, Orten had to share the fate of a whole people whom Nazism had destined for “extinction”.

The genre of elegy, a lament, is associated with the image of rebirth in Orten’s poetry, which refers to the tradition of the scriptures. His Elegies move in the zone of a death vow. It is a place where past events appear, but seek their ancient significance in vain. In a marginal situation, there emerge, from a time past, torsos of stories, dreams, memories, evocations of scenes, with their actors. It is a world of once beautiful and firm “paperweights”, of safe rest, but a world that has lost its sense. Orten has a special gift for the specifics that objectify this loss of certainty as the unsteadiness of the world. As if we were akin to the drunkards we read about in the Fifth Elegy. The sequence of scenes, sounds, events, the torso of the “sorrowful story”, all this is shifting, or merging into reflected imagery, accompanied by ever-returning questions.

It is not possible not to be reminded of the Duino Elegies of Rainer Maria Rilke with his themes of abandon, nostalgia, death, the dissolution of being. Rilke, a native of Prague, was widely translated in Bohemia. The Duino Elegies were published in several translations (first in 1930). Unlike Rilke, for whom it is significant that his words, his verses be laden with intricately layered meanings, Orten's expression is more transparent, more dramatic, relies on a dialogue. The essence of his poetry lies in a conversation not only with the present, but also with the future. In a “time of collapse”, his poem is a witness of internal events and feelings, which, however, reveal not just the intimate sphere of the human. It is an urgent, passionate poet's appeal to the moment, which touches the very essence of poetry and the question of how to express the condition of man in the face of his endangered existence.

It is also important to point out the relationship of Orten to another quasi-Czech great author: Franz Kafka. As Franz Kafka, Orten was Jew, both coming of a German speaking family (Orten’s family name was Ohrenstein) and living in a Czech milieu. Yet Franz Kafka is known everywhere in the world, but Orten practically nowhere. The reason is that Orten was by one generation younger than Kafka and was born in a new country – Czechoslovakia, while Kafka spent almost all his life in the Austrian empire. This determined that Kafka wrote in German and Orten in Czech.

Immediately after the end of the Second World War, Václav Černý designated Orten as a leading poet of European existentialism. Orten’s Elegies were published in 1946 and his collected works in 1947. But then a silence again descended, until the year 1958, when the Diaries came out. It was not until the sixties that Jiří Orten's work was rehabilitated.

This special edition of Elegies wants to open Orten's world to those poetry lovers who are inaccessible to the world of Czech. So that they can recite the immortal Seventh Elegy:

I write you, Karin. Are you still alive?
Or are you lodged where longing can’t survive,
your dangerous age behind you all too soon?
Perhaps you’re dead? Well then, ask your tomb
to lighten its load. My lady, ask the roses
to close up their petals. Ask what decomposes
to read you a page from my own demise.

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Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi: Trails on both Orlice rivers

flag-919362_640  Stezkami na obou Orlicích

Authors: Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi, First edition: 2020, Pages: 240, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-907754-9-7

With this book, the authors complete the edition of the City of the Pardubice Region (and Eastern Bohemia). This book will provide you informations about towns located in the northeastern part of the Pardubice region, specifically in the Eagle Mountains and their picturesque foothills. We start in Choceň, where the river Tichá Orlice leaves the narrow valley and spills into a wide floodplain in the Orlická board. We continue through the Orlice Nature Park to Brandýs nad Orlicí, where J. A. Komenský found temporary refuge, to Letohrad, Písečná and Žampach, where we will admire the Baroque residential towns and the romantic landscape of the Orlické Podhůří. Near Letohrad there is a gateway to the Eagle Mountains Žamberk and the town of Kunvald with monuments to fraternal unity. We will introduce you to Professor Albert, a prominent surgeon and an even better companion. We are already in Jablonné nad Orlicí in the Orlické Mountains. It is an important center of summer and winter recreation. After a tour of the city, we will climb Suchý vrch with Kramář's cottage. And we will end our journey in the town of Králíky under Králický Sněžník at the source of Tichá Orlice.

The described region is interwoven with a network of new cycle paths and is easily accessible by rail, either from Hradec Králové or Pardubice via Letohrad to Jablonné and further to Kladsko and Wrocław. This brief text is supplemented to illustrate the topic with fictional stories. It is not a guide where you will find various information, including those that will soon become obsolete. A significant part of the sites is in the central part of the cities within acceptable walking and time availability. But we also offer longer trips, which are more time consuming. In the attached map you will find marked locations, the names of the main streets and the possibility of parking.

For those who are more interested in the described topic, there are control questions at the end of each chapter "SECRETS". The authors' opinion on the questions can be found at the end of the book.

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Jindra Hojer: Fragments from the Life of Jindra Hojer

flag-919362_640  Střípky ze života Jindry Hojera

Author: Jindra Hojer, First edition: 2019, Pages: 192, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-06-3Střípky - titulka

Jindra Hojer, known from Foglar's Fast Arrows, wrote fragments of his life at the age of 95. Tales are funny, sad, personal and intimate. In 1936, Jindra Hojer was still a little boy, but his membership in Foglar's Boy Scout troop of Prague Two influenced his whole life. He became the model of the well-known character from the comic book Fast Arrows. At the age of 95, however, he decided to sit behind a typewriter, which is a memorial to his wife Tája, and write down fragments of his life. Jindra Hojer's previous book Mysterious Brain Teasers for Clever Brains was sold out almost before its release. The book has received tremendous response not only from fans of Fast Arrows and Scouting, but also to the general public, who received news of the new book through the media. Therefore, Jindra Hojer decided to give his fans one more work on his 95th birthday, this time purely about his life.

He gives his stories, both happy and sad, to his readers with a distinctive exaggeration, ease and wit that is so typical for Jindra Hojer. Stories from life and from Greece and Italy, both before and shortly after the Velvet Revolution, are accompanied by photographs that complement the reader's imagination. In addition to the stories from the author's life, the fictional character of Mr. Šmodrcha comes alive with whom you will experience extraordinary adventures of ordinary life. Funny (sometimes ticklish) stories full of ironic twists have been prepared by the author for several decades. We can only guess whether they are fictitious or whether he lets Jindra Hojer look into his real experiences. The author himself smiles wistfully on this subject and convinces that the stories are completely fictional because "what the readers and fans would otherwise think of him". His amusingly mysterious tone of voice and facial expression, however, suggests that… But so - let's speculate and meet with Mr. Šmodrcha and the real Jindra Hojer.

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Jindra Hojer: Mysterious Puzzles for Smart Folks

flag-919362_640  Záhadné hlavolamy pro chytré hlavičky

Author: Jindra Hojer, First edition: 2019, Pages: 144, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-05-6
Hlavolamy english

The book, written by Jindra Hojer at the age of 94, known for his character from Foglar's comic book Fast Arrows, is full of logical and mathematical tasks and puzzles, over which children and adults will wonder.

The aim of the publication is to teach readers to think logically in an entertaining way and to show that even a not very successful graduation course can be matured. The work combines mathematics and logic with play. Each chapter contains a description and instructions on how to solve the puzzle, a practice example with a solution and a number of other examples to practice. An integral part is the Czech-mathematical dictionary. The book is accompanied by a cartoon character Jindra Hojer, who advises how to solve tasks effectively. The end of the book is dedicated to Jindřich Hojer himself, who will present important moments of his life - happy and sad - in several stages.

As the Hungarian-American mathematician George Pólya saids, solving mathematical and logical problems is a practical art that we learn as well as learn to swim, ski or walk. The objection that there is enough time to teach logical thinking at a later age does not hold up. We also learn to swim or walk at toddler age, so why not start with logical thinking in time.

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Emma Scharkez: Life with the Lubricant Smell

flag-919362_640  Život s vůní lubrikantu

Author: Emma Scharkez, First edition: 2020, Pages: 320, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-907754-0-4na shoptet

When successful manager Klara gives her husband a promise to find a quieter and more normal job, she has no idea that fate has prepared a shop with erotic aids for her. As a regional director of the sexshop network, she becomes acquainted with her employees and with more or less common goods, regular and VIP customers. Soon she realizes that this wouldn't be a more normal and calm job. Even though some situations, such as a full suitcase of vibrators by police control, start her off, she tries to manage everything with professional insight.

Through Klara's narration, you can look at sex shops where you may have always shyly stepped over and glanced at the shop window. But what's inside? What erotic goods can you get there and who actually works there? Do not be shy and enter.

If you are in the Czech Republic, you can buy the book here. If you are abroad, please contact us.

Jiří Švihálek: Diary of an one-legged man

czech flag Deník jednonožceDeník jednonožce_1

Author: Jiří Švihálek, First edition: 2020, Pages: 328, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-907754-1-1

Jiří Švihálek describes in his diary with his own humor day after day what he and his wife Kačka experienced after a motorcycle accident. Leg amputation, unbearable pain, bone movement in the body and recovery. He did not give up and with his sincere, sarcastic texts he motivated readers, of which there were gradually over two hundred thousand, to take a positive approach to life. How does a leg that you don't have hurt? And what changes when you lose a limb? Take a look at Jirka's personal confession and find out how parents, siblings, friends and wife experience such a situation and how a firefighter and a doctor remember a serious accident.

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Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi: Through the Czech Paths of Nobel Horses

flag-919362_640  Po Čechách stezkami ušlechtilých koní

Authors: Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi, First edition: 2019, Pages: 248, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-07-0
Koně english

Take a walk or go by bike, scooter, car or train along the trails of noble horses. You will visit places that are associated with breeding these elegant and irreplaceable animals. The paths will take you through the historical towns of East Bohemia, through a landscape full of rivers, ponds, meadows, forests, as well as cultural and industrial monuments or stud farms. 

The format of the guide, added maps, descriptions of the most interesting locations and GPS coordinates of the selected places and their photos will make your trip easier. The text is revived by fictitious historical stories that present these places in another, more creative way. The trails will take you to the surroundings of Chlumec nad Cidlinou, to the UNESCO-listed stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem, behind the oldest Czech breed - the unique Old Kladruby horse. You can continue through the stud farms, the foothills of the Iron Mountains around Heřmanův Městec and Slatiňany to the bishop's Chrast, pilgrimage Luže or Skuteč after the "Granite Trail" to the flooded granite quarries. You can find accommodation at one of the campsites in this rural landscape, where time is still slow. The publication is a follow-up to the previously published books of the Cities of Pardubice Region (2015), The Secret of the Trstenice Trail (2016) and the Pernštejn Trail in the 21st Century (2017).

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Zdenka Rozehnalová: The Country is also yours: 1918–2018

flag-919362_640  Ta země je i tvá: 1918–2018

Author: Zdenka Rozehnalová, First edition: 2018, Pages: 288, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-04-9Ta země english

The book gives the reader an overview of the way to the creation of Czechoslovakia and stories of important people who have contributed to the creation of the new republic.The chapters are devoted to the stories of important people who participated in several historical stages. The events are told as they might be, so they strive for historical authenticity.

You will read a possible interview of František Palacký with Josef Jungmann, see the weekday of Charlotte Garrigue-Masaryk or learn about the origin of the Czech currency. Because the theme of the Czechoslovak Republic is mostly educational, the author included in her work lightening dialogues of father and son, which tell fictional stories from individual periods. The publication was published on the occasion of the centenary of the foundation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

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Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi: Pernštejn Trail in the 21st Century

flag-919362_640 Pernštejnská stezka v 21. století 

Authors: Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi, First edition: 2017, Pages: 192, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-02-5Pernštejn english_1

Follow the historical trails and towns of the Pardubice Region and discover the beautiful Elbe landscape full of meadows, forests, ponds, rivers and monuments. Practical information is interspersed with fiction elements.The towns of the Pardubice Region are connected by a network of paths, some of which have the character of old long-distance paths that you can follow by bike or by car. Guide format, maps, detailed city and route descriptions and GPS coordinates make it easy for readers and hikers to plan trips. You will visit interesting cities, villages and natural monuments, discover the beauty of nature and learn about the history of the journey from Přelouč to Holice. The eye-catching text comments on the most important places and is interspersed with fictitious historical stories that illustrate the areas in a lightweight way. The publication includes a number of author photographs of the places visited.

If you are in the Czech Republic, you can buy the book here. If you are abroad, please contact us.

Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi: The Secret of the Trstenice Trail

flag-919362_640  Tajemství Trstenické stezky

Authors: Vladimír a Zdenka Rozehnalovi, First edition: 2016, Pages: 256, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-01-8
Tajemství Trstenické stezky - titulka

Discover the beauty of the most interesting cities, villages, natural monuments, but also the history of the journey from Kolín to Olomouc. The book introduces the most important about Litomyšl, Zámrsk or Svitavy. In addition to basic information about individual places, the book also offers interesting facts. Did you know that the village of Chmelík is indeed named after the hops grown here?

The publication offers color maps of areas, detailed route descriptions or GPS coordinates for better clarity. The book includes over 240 original color photographs by Vladimír Rozehnal. Factographic data are also revived by fictional texts that touch on individual areas.

If you are in the Czech Republic, you can buy the book here. If you are abroad, please contact us.

Vladimír Rozehnal: Cities of Pardubice Region

flag-919362_640  Města Pardubického kraje

Author: Vladimír Rozehnal, First edition: 2015, Pages: 128, Language: Czech, ISBN 978-80-88050-00-1
Města Pardubického kraje - titulka

The book presents ten selected locations in eleven towns of the Pardubice Region, which are interesting in terms of history, culture, architecture or nature conservation. In addition to practical information, it also contains fiction stories. The publication was written by an architect and urban planner, who has been dealing with urban issues for a long time. The work thus does not lack a detailed theoretical interpretation, which is enriched with fiction elements - fictional stories from the history of individual cities.

The book includes over 180 color photographs and 11 schematic plans of towns with locations of interest and street names. In addition to Pardubice, visit Chrudim, Svitavy, Vysoké Mýto, Hlinsko and Litomyšl.

If you are in the Czech Republic, you can buy the book here. If you are abroad, please contact us.